Why Nutrition Matters to your Family?

Seesd for Tomorrow - Why Nutrition Matters to your FamilyHave you ever asked yourself the question why nutrition matters to your family? I recently sat down and asked myself just this.

We generally have an understanding that good nutrition and following a healthy lifestyle are important factors in our lives but we don’t always ask ourselves the question as to why it really matters to us. When I sat down and really thought about why nutrition mattered in our family I was a little surprised as too how far it reaches, impacts and flows-on to aspects of our daily lives.

As parents our children are influenced by what we eat, therefore if we are eating a good well balanced nutritious diet we are teaching our children by way of example good eating habits that can have a lifelong lasting effect. This in turn is essential for both their growing bodies and ours, providing us with the energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain optimal health reducing the risk of possible illness.

As a family we like to stay fairly active whether that is enjoying things around home or getting out and about when we can to enjoy the beautiful surrounds of where we live. Eating a diet heavy in processed foods can often leave you feeling sluggish and lethargic. Maintaining a nutritious well balanced diet enables us to have the energy and motivation to get up and about and do all the things we enjoy in life.

We all get tired and run down from time to time just from the daily run around and the busyness of life and without adequate nutrition this can further impact on the general mood and dynamics of the household. I’m sure we would all like to enjoy an environment that was harmonious, without additional stresses although we all know that this is not always the reality. We can however do something to help by choosing what we feed ourselves and our children. By introducing a nutritious diet we can benefit from the focus, clarity and energy gained to help us and our family members with how we or others may react and deal with certain situations.

By choosing a good nutritious diet we are more likely to skip a diet high in processed foods and start to look more at what nature provides us. By eating what nature provides us we are in turn helping to maintain our environment and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Now I’m not saying this family is perfect, for us living a more sustainable lifestyle is a work in progress but having an awareness of the effect we have on our environment and being the change is a family goal and something to aspire to.

Nutrition has such a flow on effect in many areas of our family life, these have only been a few aspects for me but just by sitting down and thinking about it has brought about that awareness and acknowledgement for me just how important and how much nutrition really does matter to us.

Lisa x

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