Bee the Change


I’m in awe of the honey bee and the vital role they play in the wellbeing of our eco-system.

While there are about 1700 species of bees in Australia, the little old honey bee is responsible for the broader scale pollination of our plants. Pollination ensures our wildflowers and crops continue to flourish and grow.

Every time a honey bee visits a flower to collect pollen and nectar, a little bit of pollen gets attached to them. The bee takes this with them as they call on other plants and flowers, which helps to spread the pollen around. This process is how flowers produce seeds to continue their life-cycle.

Some research states one-third of the human food supply relies on pollination to occur.

Unfortunately, our lovely bees and their livelihood have come under threat, with numbers rapidly declining. This is due to a few reasons. Disease and pests are one, while pesticides are also another harmful factor. And it’s not only those used to grow commercial crops either. Pesticides used in backyard gardens can also be deadly.

Interestingly, the decline in native wildflowers is cited as another reason for bee numbers dropping, while climate change is also suggested to be a contributing factor.

Without bees, our food supply and the health of our ecosystem and bushland is at serious risk.

While this is quite a sombre predicament, there are ways you and I (and of course our little ones) can help protect these industrious and essential little creatures.

Always choose local or Australian made honey. If you’re able to find a honey made in your area, even better. Choosing local honey is perfect for those suffering from allergies.  When you eat local honey (as with all honey) you are absorbing the pollens in that area. Over a period, it’s suggested you can become less sensitive to the pollen, which means no more sneezing and sniffling for you.

Not using toxic pesticides on your lawn or garden is also a great way to protect bees. There’s many ways to look after your garden and lawn naturally. This will not only help the bees in your area, but will also protect your family’s health and wellbeing.

Planting a garden that is bee-friendly is also a solution. That’s where we can help.

Introducing “Bee the Change” grow kit.

It’s the perfect way to not only start your bee-friendly garden with your children, it’s also an opportunity to start a conversation about bees and the important part they play. These powerful conversations can often spark a motivation for change that unknowingly inspires others around you.

Our grow kit includes a collection of items that will have your garden buzzing in no time.

  • There’s a packet of bee-friendly seeds that are a mix of wildflowers together with pots to grow these in. There’s coir pellets also, to help get your plants started.
  • You’ll also receive one of our affirmation cards – I am joyful - Like the dancing butterfly and buzzing honey bee. This is an ideal affirmation card to help focus on the joy and happiness that Mother Nature has to offer.
  • In addition, there’s a mini wooden honey dipper, a selection of information cards to provide further insight into the honey bee and some beeswax sheets and a candle wick, so you can make your very own beeswax candle.

Now is the time, to “Bee the Change” you want to see in the world. Let’s all learn and take action together and support our honey bees to continue to do their important work that’s fundamental to our ecosystem and livelihoods.