Shifting of Seasons, the Cyclic Nature Within


The shifting of seasons mirrors the cyclic nature that exists within ourselves and the opportunity that presents itself, now that autumn is upon us, is one where we may naturally turn our attention inwards, reflecting on where we are headed next in our lives as well as letting those things fall away that no longer serve us.

As we experience cooler weather, dying vegetation and the need to cocoon ourselves in warmer garments, it’s an ideal time to bring awareness to your child of the cyclic nature of the seasons. Talking about the change of season provides your child with a subtle inner picture of the environment of which they are a part, strengthening their connection to the natural world and the rhythms that exist within us and around us. So often we stumble through the every day of chores and rushing from school to work to home to activities without stopping to take in the stillness of nature or the changes occurring in our immediate environment.

While the changing of leaves to red and gold or dusk creeping in earlier may represent the more obvious signs of autumn, it’s the subtle changes that may sometimes go unnoticed but which may bring a spirit of wonder and appreciation from your child when you ask - why are the birds not singing as much as they normally do in the mornings, why are the pine cones falling from the trees, and where do the snakes go when they hibernate.

Creating a seasonal table in which the colours of autumn are represented with silks, wool, leaves, pinecones, crystals or a candle, is also a special way of connecting your children to the autumn season as well as cooking nourishing food using seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Connecting to the natural landscape around us holds emotional, mental and physical benefits for us all as human beings and this is surely true of our children who experience a direct disconnect when absorbed in the tech world of TV, Ipads and computers.

Walking together observing plant and animal life is nourishing and enriching and may also serve to inspire connective conversations about your child’s inner world that may not normally surface due to our usual tendency to busyness and distraction with the everyday.

There is no doubt that tapping into our natural surrounds provides fertile ground for imagination, conversation, connection and understanding to flourish. When we create moments to sit or walk with our children and notice the season and its goings on, we grant our children the greatest gift possible – precious soulful time with them while nurturing a space in which our children may connect to nature and in turn with a deeper part of themselves.