One Tree, One dollar

We’ve partnered with the wonderful One Tree Planted organisation to help support global reforestation. This organisation gives us a fantastic opportunity to help make a difference to the environment in a simple, yet effective way. And it’s working.

From 50,000 trees planted when the company first started in 2014 to 4 million trees in 2019, this is the perfect way to get involved at a grass roots level and make a difference. The company works in different parts of the world and is mindful of what tree species they plant, ensuring the trees survival and longevity.

Trees are so important for not only a healthy ecosystem, but for our own health also. They filter the air and water, absorb harmful chemicals like carbon while also providing crucial canopy’s to animals and other flora and fauna. They’re also utilised for many natural and mainstream medicines.

Partnering with One Tree Planted was an easy decision for us. We want to help preserve Mother Nature and everything she offers. We also want a healthy and happy environment for our children to enjoy for years to come. The current state-of-affairs of our planet may seem overwhelming, but organisations like this are truly helping and with our support can help to make an even bigger difference.

So how can you help? Every time you purchase one of our products, $1 from your purchase will be donated so that one tree somewhere in the world can be planted. $1 = 1 tree. It’s that simple. Our planet is special. And offers ourselves and our children an abundance of ways to live, learn and enjoy with everything it provides.

Our Grow with Gratitude Kit and affirmation cards were both created for our children to learn by connecting with the earth and their emotional selves also. That’s why this organisation is so special. It’s helping to preserve and regenerate the earth for generations to come to continue their learning and wellbeing.

Join the One Tree Planted community, follow their journey and help spread the word about the amazing work they are doing. And if you feel like it you can also use the hashtag #breathefortrees on your socials. Please also know that every individual concerted effort to help the livelihood of the planet does makes a difference to the bigger picture.

Lisa x

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