Introducing Affirmations to Children


Introducing affirmations to your children can be an incredibly beautiful and enriching process when done in a creative and mindful manner. There are a myriad of ways in which you might bring this practice into your children’s lives, and the more fun or special the experience, the more likely your child will retain the practice of choosing positive thoughts in their every day.

Allowing your child to understand that they have the power to change their thoughts and therefore their experiences is an incredible gift to bring to the little people in our care. There is no doubt that children who are resilient, positive and have self-belief are better able to cope in stressful situations, and are happier and healthier in general.

While there may be numerous ways in which you might bring the process of using affirmations to your children, activities that are tactile and visual and experienced in a positive and even sacred space are more likely to engage your child and allow them to more fully embody the practice.

Ways in which you might create such a space could be by lighting a candle and placing some crystals in a spiral formation or mandala alongside a plant or small vase of flowers picked from the garden. Creating a sacred and nurturing space allows your child to know that they are about to embark on an experience that is special and heartfelt.

Some activities might include writing simple positive statements on painted card and placing them in a bowl. A child might then pick two or three out and together you could discuss each affirmation and why it might be important to incorporate those particular statements in the every day. Another way might be to arrange affirmations cards in a circle in front of your child and ask that they choose the one that appeals to them the most, which is also an excellent way to gauge what emotional states your child might be going through and needing most help with.

A wonderful way to welcome the start of each new day is to create a morning ritual in which a candle is lit and an affirmation card is drawn, allowing for a sense of wonder and positivity to imbue your child’s day. Decorating a board with positive statements and colourful drawings or paintings, which can be added to over time, not only serves as a creative work in progress but also as a gentle visual reminder of your child’s affirmation practise.

When you bring an awareness of feelings and thoughts as well as encourage your child to use affirmations, you are cultivating an all-important skill that they may draw upon for the rest of their lives. The benefit of using affirmations is one which ultimately allows for a space where your child may fully come to appreciate and embrace the sacredness of their being and the life that surrounds them; a space that connects them to nature and beauty while instilling a sense of confidence, self love and calm within.