Seeds for Tomorrow and Sustainability

Seeds for Tomorrow - SustainabilitySeeds for Tomorrow inspiring children through creating, growing and harvesting their own little plot of nature’s goodness.

Connecting to nature is an activity that little people everywhere can participate in and creates not only some beautiful mindful and present moments that children can truly benefit from emotionally, but it is also an activity that is gentle on our environment and brings an awareness of sustainability and our unique ecosystem.

Conservationist Kristine Tompkins said, “You can’t protect a place unless you understand it. You can’t love it until you know it.”

It is with this sentiment that I hope children can begin to build on their innate awareness and knowledge about nature and get to know and love the environment they live in so they can start their journey early to tread lightly today and into the future.

The concept of harvesting a little plot of goodness is also a wonderful lesson in teaching children about sustainability through growing their own foods. This process not only helps children to develop a deeper connection and understanding of nature and where our food comes from, but is also a wonderful lesson in healthy eating. Imagine a world where we all had a veggie patch and grew our own food? By encouraging our little ones at this moment to become more sustainable could be that very catalyst we are looking for to affect change in the future.

At Seeds for Tomorrow we stock a range of untreated, chemical free microgreen seeds that are fast growing and use a 100 % sustainable natural growing medium in the form of Cocopeat. Cocopeat is derived from the inner husk of the coconut and is ideal for growing Microgreens. It has a remarkable ability to hold water, promotes strong root growth and releases unused stored mineral when needed. Even better, once you have finished a round of planting the Cocopeat can be emptied into your garden or compost.

What’s more, we are on a conscious journey at Seeds for Tomorrow to become 100% recycled, biodegradable and compostable in regards to our packaging and endeavour to achieve this soon.

Seeds for Tomorrow was founded on the concept of curiosity, sharing, knowledge, appreciation and a connectedness to nature. Sustainability lies at the very core and it is my hope that this opportunity to interact with the environment will inspire our little ones to become more aware about the beautiful world around them together with their emotional selves.

Lisa x

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