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Seeds for Tomorrow - Grow with Gratitude

‘Grow with Gratitude’ – I’m so excited to introduce the first of a series of new growing kits that I have been working on.

For me, my passion is being able to incorporate my love for the garden into an activity that my son and I can enjoy together. But I’d also like to make the experience an authentic and beautiful one. One that allows him to enjoy holistic, mindful play and creates a space whereby he can deeply connect to himself and the wonderful power of Nature.

Grow with Gratitude embodies these very qualities. It is about setting an intention and giving thanks with your little ones to the earth for providing the foundations to help our seeds grow and using this heartfelt thanks to open ourselves up to the wonderful benefits this intimate connection nature has to offer.

Nature has a wonderful way of helping us to feel grounded and more connected to ourselves. Grounding is something many of us are familiar with, but have you ever considered or heard of grounding up? I was first introduced to this sometime ago and it is something I now practice and share with my son.

Grounding up is about anchoring upwards, surrendering and truly connecting with ourselves.  Whenever I practice this I have felt an inner strength together with overwhelming feelings of love, clarity, inner peace and calmness.

It is with these sentiments that I envisage the soon to be released ‘Grow with Gratitude’ kits to be enjoyed. A seamless connection to Nature and our emotional selves.

This connection with the earth is yet another way to bring us back into the moment, which in turn leads us to becoming more active and aware people in our own lives. It also helps to introduce many positive benefits into the lives of our children like a healthier mind set, increased empathy and improved confidence.

The Grow with Gratitude kit will include the following tools to help facilitate this beautiful experience with your children.

  • Biodegradable pots x 3
  • Sustainable peat pellets x 3
  • Bamboo plant markers x 3
  • Basil Seeds
  • Chive Seeds
  • Parsley Seeds
  • Affirmation Cards x 3
  • Clear Quartz Gratitude Crystal
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Instructions

These can be used in any order but you could choose to begin with an affirmation and your crystal to just sit and be with. This could be followed by some journaling to reflect on how grateful you are for this wonderful day and moment and then finishing with a connection to nature and planting herbs together.

Here’s a little insight into some of the tools I have included.

Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards are a very positive and empowering activity that can be incorporated into the daily lives of our little people. They can be added into your child’s daily routine or even shared as part of a ritual that you may like to journey together. Remember always go with what feels right for you and your child. You may choose to begin the day with your affirmations, as a bedtime ritual just before sleep or even both. The affirmation cards included in the kit are beautifully illustrated and include words like, “I am brave” and “ I believe in myself.”

Clear Quartz Gratitude Crystal

  • The great grandmother of the mineral kingdom, clear quartz crystal is known as an amplifier stone, lifting the light in all surrounding it.
  • It is wonderful for cleansing and shifting energy blocks and brings a sense of calm and peace, which is perfect for mindful moments. It’s truly a wonderful crystal for your children to have in their collection and our chosen gratitude crystal.
  • Clear quartz crystal is renowned to have some of the most powerful healing and energy benefits. It is able to raise and amplify our vibrations and bring harmony and clarity into our lives. It is also known for its ability to increase thought and enhance perception.

Gratitude Journal

  • Developing habits of gratitude early in life provides a wonderful, strong foundation for our children to carry with them into adulthood. We have the ability as parents to help nurture and gently guide a generation of positive, grateful and happy children to grow with all the tools to make a genuine difference to themselves and the world around them.
  • The actual process of journaling has so many fantastic benefits for our children, even adults too. It offers emotional release, helps to manifest dreams, gives clarity and is a positive way for them to get to know themselves better and what makes them happy.
  • Journaling offers an opportunity to document and note down feelings and thoughts with either words or even drawings your little ones might want to create.

Lisa x


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