Benefits of Daily Affirmations

Seeds for Tomorrow - Benefits of affirmations

Affirmations without a doubt are powerful. There’s a saying I love by Norman Vincent Peale (who wrote the Power of Positive Thinking) that sums up just how powerful affirmations are –

“Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world.”

It doesn’t matter how big or small your affirmations are if those words resonate deeply within you it can have a strong impact on your well-being and life in general.

Affirmations can be words or statements that are used to help with improving emotional resilience and well-being and building personal attributes. They can help to instill qualities like courage, positivity, creativity, empathy, compassion and so much more.

The beauty of affirmations is that if started early with your children it becomes like second nature for them and can also be an invaluable tool when faced with challenging times – Which we all know is an inevitable part of life.

We always begin our day with an affirmation. Sometimes depending on what’s happened during the week I choose a card otherwise we both spontaneously pick a card and go with that affirmation for the day. We say our affirmations out loud together but they can also simply be repeated internally.

Affirmations have always been a big part of my life and after having my son I wanted him to share in the powerful benefits this beautiful ritual offers.

Staying true to my affinity with nature each Affirmation Card I have created has a strong relationship with the earth which I believe in turn holds an intimate connection with our inner emotional selves.

There’s nine affirmations to choose from and you will discover mantras like –

“I am brave like the little seed floating on the unknown breeze,” and, “I am love like the golden sun hugging the earth.”

Affirmations are there to hold a space for our little ones and can help to support and grow resilient, happy and confident humans.

In today’s frenetic pace, affirmations also provide an opportunity to slow down and enjoy a sense of clarity and focus that can be carried with them over the course of the day.

In fact, studies show that people’s every-day life is exceptionally emotional with a range of emotions experienced over the course of the day. The most frequent emotion was joy, followed by love then anxiety. People experienced at least one emotion 90% of the time.

When our children experience anxiety it is comforting to know that they themselves have the tools to help ease this particular emotion by remembering their daily affirmation whether it is to be brave or believe in themselves.

With each day comes a new set of challenges so it’s great to have our daily affirmations to help address these in a fun, yet subtly powerful kind of way.

I hope that you too will also experience the wonderful benefits of introducing a daily affirmation into your little person’s life has to offer. I know for me watching my son shine brightly like the sparkling white star in the night, is a truly beautiful sight.

Lisa x

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